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Portrait. Courtesy of the artists.

Magali Baribeau-Marchand and Sara Létourneau → Saguenay, Québec

Both from Saguenay, Magali Baribeau-Marchand and Sara Létourneau appropriate discarded everyday objects that are loaded with a narrative of sensory potential. They bring these objects back to life, integrating them into installations. At the Symposium, they will use the notion of a tribute to give form to a work of memory, gleaning discarded artificial flowers from Charlevoix cemeteries, constructing a music box and integrating elements into some plantings.

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Portrait. Photo : Sam St-Onge.

Charles-Étienne Brochu → Québec, Québec

A native of Sainte-Ursule in the Mauricie region, Charles-Étienne Brochu lives and works in Quebec City. He likes to draw and spends his time producing books, fanzines, Web art, animated GIFs and short films. The theme of this year’s Symposium, Pasts in the Present, is in continuity with his art practice as it has developed over the last few years, concerning the relationship between history and society.

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Portrait. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Cabinet de Fumisterie AppliquéeParis et Nantes, France

The artwork of the Cabinet de Fumisterie Appliquée (C.F.A.) emphasizes the stereotypical, stressful and sensory perceptions of today’s world. The duo, based in France, will devise and produce a space for the production and (re)presentation of disintegration, showing the creative process, this will take the form of an open laboratory where tension between fiction and reality will be created.

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Portrait. Photo: Patrice Baillargeon.

Karine Locatelli Baie-Saint-Paul, Québec

A native of Lévis, Karine Locatelli draws landscapes, inspired by the Nordicity of the Quebec land. In response to the constant changes in the land caused by human interventions and natural phenomena, Karine Locatelli will create landscapes based on her personal experience of the Charlevoix region, large-format drawings along with preparatory sketches from observation.

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Portrait. Photo: Andréanne Godin.

Mitch MichellMontréal, Québec

Relying on notions of copying, handmade work and manufactured objects, Mitch Mitchell combines references to art history and images of mass culture consumption, which he reinterprets in order to emphasize their aesthetic, historical and economic worth. During the Symposium, Mitch Mitchell will reproduce a series of historical Louis XVI chairs, employing materials of today and using assembly methods like those described in the manuals of IKEA or Structube.

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Portrait. Photo: Hollie Pocsai .

Dong-Kyoon NamHamilton, Ontario

Born in Seoul, Korea, Dong-Kyoon Nam lives and work in  Hamilton. For the Symposium, Dong-Kyoon Nam will collect outmoded or discarded personal device, in order to emphasize the ephemeral nature of today’s consumer technology.

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Portrait. Photo Tavish Timothy.

Elise R Peterson Brooklyn, États-Unis

Based in Brooklyn, Elise R. Peterson is concerned with the people who are excluded from history and narratives about blackness. She revisits masterpieces of Western art and integrates figures of Black people, thus revealing their relative invisibility in these contexts. She also is dedicated to producing objects and images that highlight the difficult conditions of Black lives.

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Portrait. Courtesy of the artist.

Catherine PlaisanceMontréal, Québec

A native of Lotbinière, Catherine Plaisance lives and works in Montreal. She explores a world of imaginary disasters and creates landscapes impacted by upheaval and extreme phenomena. For the symposium, Catherine Plaisance will represent five landscapes of the Charlevoix region that she will imagine in the future.

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Portrait. Photo courtesy of the artists.

The Famille PlouffeLongueuil, Québec

The Famille Plouffe updates the “anecdotes” of places that they experience through unpretentious conjuring tricks in order to make us believe in a wonderful and fantastic moment. Through this playful prism of childhood, the material, having a common, everyday domestic quality, passes on the essential delights that the legendary and fabulous suggest.

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Portrait. Photo Marie-Blanche Pron.

Jean-Charles Remicourt-Marie Hérouville-Saint-Clair, France

Jean-Charles Remicourt-Marie’s art process lies at the threshold of art, architecture and historical investigation. In search of a formal language suitable for public space, he produces sculpture and models in dialogue with the history of architectural utopia, as an intellectual outburst, inviting us to discover a new imaginary world.

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Portrait. Photo Max-Antoine Guérin.

Stéfanie Requin TremblayQuébec, Québec

For the last few years, Stéfanie Requin Tremblay has drawn literary and graphic inspiration from the Internet. In the framework of the Symposium, she intends to collect notable elements from her news feed, from both the public and the private spheres, gathering articles, commentaries, private messages, news items and images. She will re-appropriate these elements and transpose them into drawings, files, photographs, even as written poetry.

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Portrait. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Laura St-PierreSaskatoon, Saskatchewan

Laura St.Pierre is a multidisciplinary artist. For the last six years, her installations, videos and photographs have been presented across Canada as well as abroad.For the past few years, Laura St.Pierre has collected plants and is interested in what they reveal of the past, present and future of a place. At the Symposium, she will look at the ecosystem of the St Lawrence River, a site already changing today.

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