Nicole Bauberger

© Nicole Bauberger, Get There From Here n° 47 – 49 (detail), 2015, oil on panel, 3 (30 cm x 30 cm). Photo : Amanda Graham.

Whitehorse (Yukon)


Nicole Bauberger is a painter who has worked for several years on a series titled Get There From Here, made up of paintings created to the rhythm of one every 50 km of the Trans-Canada Highway, which she has travelled from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic and from the Far North to Southern Canada.

In an unusual but quite legal way, she thus examines the public spaces that are situated along this road network, a huge cultural project on which we will collaborate as Canadians and will appreciate as travellers.

At the same time, she also is producing a series of encaustic paintings on the dress motif, which she presents in a way that reveals a personal experience of displacement, coming from sensibility to place, independent of the great transportation and communications networks.


During the Symposium, the artist will exhibit 10 paintings made to the east of the crossroads where one exits the Trans-Canada Highway, heading for Baie-Saint-Paul, and 10 paintings showingeach of the 50 km to the west of the same spot. From photographs taken in the Charlevoix region, she will complete this series with paintings of roadsin the surrounding area, particularly highways 138 and 362.

In addition to this, there will be 100 Dresses for Baie-Saint-Paul made up of just as many small encaustic paintings inspired by the cultural life of people in the Charlevoix region.


Nicole Bauberger has lived and worked in Whitehorse for thirteen years. She uses paint to explore notions of presence and place.

After graduating from Trent University in mathematics and English, she took drawing courses at the Ontario College of Art and then worked as an apprentice in the studio of painter David Bierk. To receive a diploma in NorthernStudies from Yukon College in Whitehorse, she will complete a research project on the traditional weaving of First-Nations’ peoples in 2016.

For about fifteen years, she has participated in numerous artist residencies in national parks and with cultural organizations. Her works are exhibited regularly in exhibition centres and university galleries in Canada.

Her participation in the Baie-Saint-Paul International Symposium of Contemporary Art is herfirst opportunityto present her series Get There From Here in a town in Eastern Canada.

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Courtesy of the artist.
Photo : Courtesy of the artist.
© Nicole Bauberger, Get There From Here n° 47 – 49 (detail), 2015, oil on panel, 3 (30 cm x 30 cm). Photo : Amanda Graham.
© Nicole Bauberger, Get There From Here n° 41 – 43 (detail), 2015, oil on panel, 3 (30 cm x 30 cm). Photo : Amanda Graham.