Béchard Hudon

Born in Sept-Îles (Quebec) / Born in Saint-Jérome (Quebec)

Live and work in Montreal (Quebec)


Over the past few years, work by Béchard-Hudon has been exhibited at the Biennale nationale de sculpture contemporaine in Trois-Rivières, the International Digital Art Biennial, the Quebec Digital Art in NYC event in Brooklyn, the Device Art triennial in Zagreb and the National Museum of China.


Artistic Practice

Catherine Béchard and Sabin Hudon have worked together since 1999. They explore the acoustic potential of diverse objects and the sounds arising from ordinary activities and natural environments. The duo develops perfomative pieces out of selected materials and objects which generate living aural situations, creating spaces conducive to listening with an ear to dialogue with the visual. Silence also plays a leading role in their work. Sound and silence are the two poles of a single body, inseparable from and constantly in tune with one another. Silence is the interval which (re-)activates our attention to the world around us. Ausculter les espaces continues their explorations of gaps, in-between spaces, subtle temporal variations and the imperceptible.

La singularité du banal, 2018, sound installation, aluminum, wood door, corrugated sheet metal, plexiglas, glass shower door, transducers, amplifiers, audio interface, electronics, 400 x 400 x 350 cm.

Artist’s website


With Ausculter les espaces, the artists explore the acoustic resonance of different architectures. Using micro-contacts and geophones, the duo records the vibrations caused by human activity or by the natural elements. Places hold specific acoustic impressions inherent to their surface and their materiality. A sculpture will also be created; in it we will hear an acoustic micro-world made up of fine noises, humming sounds and a variety of tones. Béchard and Hudon wish to share a listening experience of what makes Baie-Saint-Paul and its surroundings distinct. The acoustic realm is an important element of our relations with the world and carries with it a multitude of phenomena imperceptible to our ears which are constantly playing out unbeknownst to us.