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Call for proposals_35th Symposium

The summer of 2017 will be the 35th International Symposium of Contemporary Art of Baie-Saint-Paul, an event that Françoise Labbé introduced in 1982 as the Symposium international de la jeune peinture du Canada.

On this occasion, the 2017 edition will look at the question of history, presenting the many ways that artists have developed to examine the construction of history. With the decline of the avant-garde model, artists no longer see themselves as continuing the progress of history, but rather draw widely on its resources as well as that of objects, facts, ideas and models of the past.

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Our era, moreover, stands out as having lost confidence in the historical perspective, being even disenchanted when faced with the actual future of humanity. During the 1980s, the emergence of technology and of digital tools linked these new production means to the future of society; however, today their use, always more widespread, reduces this promise to a momentary experience and an unrestrained acceleration of successive events.

In this context, contemporary art works produce, perform and represent history differently. Artists appropriate the past, reinterpret it and replay it in order to reinvent our manner of seeing and envisioning the future in a new way.

Theme of the 35th Symposium