Denis Lanteigne

Born in Tracadie (New Brunswick)

Lives and works in Caraquet (New Brunswick)


Denis Lanteigne entered the Collège de Bathurst in 1973, where he studied graphic art, sculpture and photography. After working in advertising for a few years in Caraquet, he settled in Montreal in 1982. In 2003, he opened a studio in Caraquet, where he works on a variety of sculptural and photographic projects. He has been making outdoor installations since 2011.


Artistic Practice

Denis Lanteigne has been making ephemeral outdoor installations since 2011 in a field he owns on the main street of Caraquet. Thematically and in their manner of fabrication, some of his installations concern architecture. For his two most recent works, Lanteigne has used primarily wood, which he limes like paint. In the olden days people would limewash their farm buildings or fish storeroom because of its absorbent properties. Lime creates a velvety, chalky surface whose whiteness is a part of the visual memory of coastal villages. For Lanteigne, an architectural work is successful when it stands out for its originality and boldness, as long as it is in harmony with the landscape in which it is set.

Monter aux cieux, 2017, mixed materials

Artist’s website


Denis Lanteigne will create an architectural project entitled La maison de Molinari. He will build a simple triangular structure with a roof attached to a platform, mounted on four columns. Its proportions will respect the golden ratio, widely used in bygone architecture. The work will be built with rough, unplaned boards, found in local watermills. Each plank will be limewashed in different bright colours on each side. The building will become the symbolic representation of a home or practical building. But it will also be a three-dimensional painting inspired by the work of Molinari, whose remarkable abstract paintings were simple yet highly complex and powerful by virtue of the effect produced by the interaction of their coloured bands.