François Morelli : Moving freely

FM_Portrait (Langue de bois, langue de terre, langue de feu)_Crédit JessicaHébert
Photo : François Morelli.

Moving freely

Honorary President of this edition of the Symposium entitled Mobility, François Morelli is known for his interest for movement and transformation.

Known for his performances, Morelli has done artistic walks in urban context, in Montreal, Vancouver and Berlin, or in the countryside of the Upper Laurentians, Wales and continental Europe. His sculptures and drawings feed on the same concerns and explore our dream of evolving freely. His drawings and sculptures presented here in the hallway of the arena share the same concerns.

The series of drawings in India ink on paper shows individuals interactions, ambiguous regarding the complicities or the rivalries putted into play. The Belt Heads sculptures represent strange puppets, alter ego, easy to manipulate but quickly a manipulator, distant reminders of devices such as the personal computer and the cell phone anchoring today a mobility experience. Featuring hats, a piece of clothing linked to our body movements in social contexts, the utopian public art proposals stands as monuments to this motility.

Marie Perrault
Artistic Director

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