Georges Audet

Born in Jonquière (Quebec)

Lives and works in Montreal (Quebec)


Georges Audet holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Université Laval (1982). He has created a monumental mosaic for a primary school (2012) under the program to include artworks in architectural projects. His work has been exhibited at various venues in Quebec and in Europe, and he has taken up several artist residencies, particularly in Basel, Espoo/Helsinki and Rome.


Artistic Practice

Georges Audet explores and depicts the world of tales, legends and archetypes, as well as that of imaginary, uncertain and paradoxical architecture and topography. His artworks reveal and express a play of constructing and deconstructing forms and materials. His work is like a ritual, a trajectory at the end of which the material and spatial world is renewed and transformed. His process is one of the collection and transmutation of elements found in various milieux and environments he frequents or visits, elements which are called upon to undergo a number of manipulations and transformations. The result is a displacement, a surpassing, of their original forms or functions. In this way reality asserts itself differently: it connects us with an experience of enchantment.

The British School in Rome, 2015, installation, paper bricks, ink on paper (maps)

Artist’s website


Georges Audet wishes to create an installation around the idea of the “site” with respect to the particular socio-geographical environment of the Charlevoix region: one that brings out threads and traces, motifs and structures. The installation will be based on an organic, dynamic and evolving topography/cartography: the flat and the craggy, individual and collective openness and turning inwardness. The work will consist of a two- and three-dimensional ensemble bringing together sculptures or objects made out of materials or elements used or cast out in ordinary, everyday life (things put out for recycling, trash). These materials will be assembled so as to create pieces on the theme of familiar and domestic objects. Here the object will take on a metaphorical, emblematic or symbolic dimension in which the familiar exists alongside the improbable and the everyday alongside the spectacular.