Guillaume Adjutor Provost

© Guillaume Adjutor Provost. Bonne Fortune, 2016.
© Guillaume Adjutor Provost. Bonne Fortune, 2016. Vue d’exposition au Centre Clark, Montréal, dimensions variables. Photo : Paul Litherland.

Montreal (Quebec)


Through a certain indeterminism of forms, Guillaume Adjutor Provost’s work probes expressions of the unconscious, notions of the use and construction of ideas. His artistic practice becomes a space for research, a place to examine our relation to contemporaneity: navigating within its deceptions and states of uncertainty.

More specifically, he broaches issues on the periphery of what makes history: the counterculture, personal archives, queer theories, the psychedelic state and science fiction.


His project for the Symposium is based on a collection of QSL cards referring to the culture of truck drivers from the years 1970-80, showing the universe of this nomadic community.

According to an article in Wikipedia, in the early days of radio broadcasting, the ability of a radio set to capture faraway signals was a source of pride for numerous users and enthusiasts. Similar to postcards, the QSL cards were written confirmations of a transmission between two amateur radio operators. On this, one usually found the address and details of the broadcast frequency, as well as an illustration depicting the name or pseudonym of the operator.

A series of psychedelic drawings will be produced from an extract of the components on these QSL cards.


Guillaume Adjutor Provost currently is completing a doctorate in art studies and practice at the Université du Québec à Montréal. His research in both the practical and academic fields is concerned with the notion of art curating, namely the use of interdisciplinary approaches to presenting an exhibition as a mode of creation.

His work has been presented in solo and group exhibitions in Canada, in particular at Centre Clark and Les Territoires in Montreal, at Axenéo7 in Gatineau, at La Chambre Blanche and L’Œil de Poisson in Quebec City, at The New Gallery in Calgary, at Couvent des Récollets in France and at Fondation Christoph Merian in Switzerland. He has a studio at the Darling Foundry in Montreal.

Over the past few years, he has received grants from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the Canada Council for the Arts, the Offices jeunesse internationaux du Québec and la Société de développement des entreprises culturelles. He has also participated in several artist residencies in Canada and abroad.

During the 2015 Symposium, he was awarded the Jean-Claude Rochefort grant,highlighting his original contribution the study of contemporary art practices and exhibition curating.

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Photo: Maude Veilleux.
Photo: Maude Veilleux.
© Guillaume Adjutor Provost, Bonne Fortune, 2016.
© Guillaume Adjutor Provost, On avait tellement hâte de se rencontrer qu’on a botché nos langages, 2016. Chemises de travail, cartes QSL érotiques imprimées sur lin, supports en acier, cintres, dimensions variables (détail). Photo : Paul Litherland.
© Guillaume Adjutor Provost, Les sangs, 2015.Graphite on paper, 30 cm x 21 cm. Photo : Courtesy of the artist.
© Guillaume Adjutor Provost, Les sangs, 2015.Graphite on paper, 30 cm x 21 cm. Photo : Courtesy of the artist.