Historical facts in the Practice of Carl Trahan / Saturday August 11, 4:30 pm

The Symposium welcomes Carl Trahan, winner of the Prix MNBAQ in contemporary art for 2016. He will present his work, which explores the twisted links between writing and politics.

Carl Trahan’s multidisciplinary art practice is concerned with the period between the industrial revolution and the Second World War. Dwelling on certain events and historical texts, he broaches in particular, the spiritual crisis tied to the advanced sciences and technologies in the 19th century and their repercussions in European culture and politics that led to important world conflicts. He has had many solo and group exhibitions in Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Berlin, Rome and Créteil (France). And he has been artist in residence at Espoo (Finland), in Paris, Rome and Berlin. In 2017, the MNBAQ presented his first museum exhibition.

Courtesy of the artist