Hua Jin

Born in China

Lives and works in Montreal (Quebec)


Hua Jin received her MFA at Concordia University and her BFA at Emily Carr University of Art & Design. She has exhibited in Canada, USA, China, Mexico and the Netherlands. Her works are collected by museums in Montreal andShanghai. Shereceived the first Cultural Diversity Award in Visual Arts from The Conseil des arts de Montréal.



Originally trained as an artist with a focus on photography, Hua Jin is interested in the subject of Nature and Landscape. As a Chinese-Canadian artist, her way of thinking is inherently rooted in Eastern culture. Like the Taoists, who are dedicated to contemplating nature to gain wisdom and philosophical insights, the process and the purpose of her artistic practice is to achieve the same state of contemplation. The artist’s recent projects contemplate the evanescent quality of existence. From the perspectives of culture, history, geography, anthropology, and philosophy, her artistic practices aim to study Nature, to observe and document change, to trace the passing of time, to contemplate the cycle of life and death and ultimately to achieve the wisdom of understanding.

The Trees Want to Remain Quiet, But The Wind Won’t Stop, 2017, 8-channel video installation, videos on loop

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A three-dimensional, interactive and playful installation work will be made of beads, the material from First Nations culture. By arranging the beads with different colours, the artist wishes to picture the images of local landscapes of Baie-Saint-Paul on beaded curtains. When people open the curtain, the movement disturbs the still images of nature. No matter how many times the passer disturbs the order of the image, the image of Nature will eventually calm down and returns to its origin. The dynamics of shaping and un-shaping the natural images suggests the constant changes and exchanges between yin and yang. This project addresses the question of inventing a new model for bringing together art, architecture, landscape and environment. Its aesthetic will be transparent, light, poetic and rhythmic.