Presentation of Artexte Information Centre


Presentation of Artexte Information Centre

Sunday, July 31, 2016, 3:00pm

A discussion on the life cycle of art projects archives with Jessica Hébert and Hélène Brousseau, Artexte’s librarians.

Jessica Hébert is a librarian, responsible for the physical document collection at Artexte. She holds a Master of Library and Information Sciences from McGill University. She is interested in the transmission and reinterpretation of works of art through documentation and research.

Hélène Brousseau is a librarian, responsible for the digital collection at Artexte. She holds a Master in Information Sciences from University of Montreal and is interested in the use of archives and data by visual artists.

During the Symposium, in the lobby of the Symposium, Artexte presents an exhibition of documents taken from its documentary collection on art, specifically on mobile or transient artistic practices. The documentation of projects will explore the notion of networks and highlight projects that were used to create links between artists and communities.